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We pride our directory on the availability of our information for our blushing brides and grooms to be! They can access your ad via our website, both on desktop & mobile, and also catch up with suppliers on our social platforms.

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Our team at SWG certainly know how to set trends using social media. This is why we have grown our instagram to over 4.000 followers in just a few months!

It's just amazing how we can find a use for our team members who can't seem to put their phones down. We invest heavily in sponsored ads whilst maintaining a healthy relationship with our social platforms. Encouraging engagement and organic reach allows us to advertise our suppliers effectively and efficiently.

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The Scottish Wedding

Why not attend the inaugural Scottish Wedding Exhibition at Argyle St Arches, Glasgow City Centre on Bank Holiday Monday, 25th May 2020. 

Join upto 60 exhibitors from across Scotland to showcase the best in Scottish Weddings.

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